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frodolijahlover [userpic]
by frodolijahlover (frodolijahlover)
at November 4th, 2005 (10:59 am)

I thought you all should know that the creative team has landed in canada and begins rehersals for LOTR the MUSICAL this week. The premire is February 2, 2006 and tickets are on sale NOW at www.lotr.com. you can also sign up to be on their email list or read a production diary by the actor who plays pippin. should actually be pretty halarious.

i'm not sure how i feel about singing and dancing gandalf and saruman, but i must say that it will certianly be interesting. i also dont know how much it will cover or stick to the books since its 3 hours. thats only an hour per book.

anway, i think it is well worth the trip to www.lotr.com in order to check out the cast (click CAST & CREATIVES and then TORONTO CAST) because some of the choices are very good.

aragorn looks perfect as does pippin and frodo and gandalf.

i find it interesting that arwen is blonde, elrond rather fat, boromir black (i actually rather like that choice), FINALLY legolas has DARK HAIR (i hope they dont ruin it with a wig) like he should,

but i hate the appearance of merry and him and pippin dont look ANYthing like eachother, in fact, sam an merry look more related,

theoden and rosie are out of a dream, and saruman actually could pull it off too,

but i find it unnerveing that there is only 3 members of ensemble, no bilbo, no faramir, no denethor, no SAURON??? no nazgul? no eowyn no galadriel no celeborn, no treebeard i dont know....could be pretty terrible, i mean, how in HELL are they going to manage oliphants, mount doom, ents, making frodo and sam dissappear, shelob, and oh, only 5 some odd huge battle scenes??

but you know, its a blessing that all of them are english, because that play with american accents would not be good, and I HOPE that pippin is still irish, because it would seem too weird for him not to be talking with an irish accent


Posted by: Debbie (fiantha)
Posted at: November 4th, 2005 06:47 pm (UTC)

It never seemed weird to you that in the movies, Pippin, who grew up in the Shire with everyone else, spoke so differently?
And I'm glad Legolas has dark hair, because that's what I always imagined him like, but I find it interesting that Arwen, who is just about the only one really carefully described, is blonde. Though I guess that it's probably more a choice based on acting ability or general look than strict obedience to canon. And Sauron would be easier to do with special effects (deep, booming voice and lighting change, etc) than to try and capture that using a human actor, up close and personal, with nothing but makeup and costume. I'd love to see how they work out the technical difficulties. Theater is about caputuring the essence of the scene, even if you can't show the scene itself. Two armored characters crouched behind a stone embarkment, looking out over a non-existant battle scene, with the right lighting and sound, and reactions from the actors, well, that can tell you all you need, without a single extra or orc. I'd be very interested in finding out how they pull it off.

Posted by: frodolijahlover (frodolijahlover)
Posted at: November 5th, 2005 02:24 am (UTC)

i dunno, i very much liked Pippin's accent... there are different parts of the shire, like there are different parts of England..if you listen to the backround hobbits they all have different english/welsh/irish etc accents

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